Raff The Party Engineer

Class: Elemental Support

Favorite Food: Apfelstrudel

Sign: Planet


Raff is the Spaceheart’s chief engineer (only engineer, actually) with a passion for building and fixing things on, and off, the Spaceheart. Raff is also a talented DJ who enjoys working on her own gear listening to music on her headphones.

Raff has definitely has some ‘tsundere’ tendencies when it comes to forging personal connections. She finds it hard to connect with other people and would rather figure things out her own way. However, if you’re patient and accept Raff as she is, then you’ll no doubt have a loyal friend for life.

Although Raff doesn’t like to be the center of the attention, she knows how to throw a killer party! Her favorite thing to do with her friends is to watch everyone dancing and having fun while she crushes it at the DJ booth.

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