Pinkyy The Fearless Leader

Class: Physical Tank

Favorite Food: Chef’s Risotto

Sign: Star


The leader of the Relic Hunters: a free spirit and courage incarnate. Pinkyy never runs away from a fight, never leaves a friend behind, and never leaves food on her plate!

Pinkyy’s goal in life is to become as powerful as her body and mind can handle and she is absolutely single-minded in her pursuit of this goal. Add her brash personality to the equation and you have a recipe for occasional disaster. She might not be the perfect leader, but she doesn’t shy away from any challenge, and faces all situations in her own special way. Right or wrong – what matters is to be brave!

Pinkyy has a pure can-do attitude – no Relic is too far away, too deeply hidden, in any way impossible to get (or “conquer”, as she usually puts it). She is a person of action, and in the race to find the Legendary Relics she is the most fierce competitor you will ever meet.

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