Ace The Rogue Donkey

Class: Physical Support

Favorite Food: Roasted Carrots

Sign: Comet


Pilot of the Spaceheart and Pinkyy’s right hand, Ace is a big goof, flying the ship at top speeds and rounding tight corners just to watch his friends frantically buckle up their seatbelts. He also isn’t the tidiest guy; if you believe in spontaneous generation, you’ll think that Ace came from a pile of dirty laundry.

Coming from a rough childhood, Ace’s humor is ironic, sharp, and smart. Ace likes to play the part of the annoying and egotistical sidekick, but it’s only surface level. Deep down, he struggles with his self-esteem and is really a sweetheart — especially to the Relic Hunters; The Relic Hunters are not just his companions, they are family.

Although Ace is not as brave as the other Hunters, he is often the one comes up with ingenious (albeit convoluted) plans to avoid direct conflict. Without his sharp, tactical mind, the Hunters would probably have been captured a long time ago.

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