Dev Blog #Q1.2022
Dev Blog #Q1.2022

Hey Hunters, how have you been?

During these couple of months, we worked on several new features that will improve your overall experience with Relic Hunters Legend.

Also, as some of you already know, we had great news a couple of weeks ago: Relic Hunters Rebels, our mobile game for the franchise, will be launched this month on Netflix! So if you have a Netflix subscription, soon you’ll be able to enjoy a very new and unique story with a lot of action and weapon collection!

But don’t worry, we didn’t take any effort from the Legend development team to make this project. We hired new people specifically to develop Relic Hunters Rebels and after the game is launched, they will join the Legend team to improve our biggest game!

Let’s check out the new features that we develop in Relic Hunters Legend these last months:


Memories are a new way to level up your Hunters. They are consumable books that you can drop after you unlock your first hunter and will give you several amounts of XP. There are three rarity types for now: The Ascendant Memory, the Greater Memory, and Timelocked Memory. Each one of them will help you to level up the character you want to master and allow you to equip better armor and weapons.

Another thing about the memories system is when you reach the level cap of a Hunter, you’ll be able to generate a new Greater Memory every time you gather 20.000 XP with this character, so you can use these memory books in other Hunters, even if you aren’t playing with them.

New Missions

We kept designing and implementing new missions for the Planet Cradle. The missions in the Galyno Desert, Coldstone Peaks, and The Trash Sea are all done, just missing some visual feedback and set dressing. Hilltown and Semilla City missions are still under development, but we already have a few of them implemented. Soon all the regions on Planet Cradle will be completed!

Factions & Reputation System

The Faction and Reputation system will be very important to your progression in Relic Hunters Legend. You can now improve your reputation within the four factions present in the game (Secret Market, Abapotim, Trash Surfers, and the Mysterious Faction) by completing quests that will give you rewards and increase your faction rank score. As you rank up, you will be able to purchase unique weapons and equipment and unlock new rarities in the faction stores.

This is a very flexible system that power-up the grind and rewards that you can get. The main system is implemented but we still have a lot of polishing and feedback to do before we finish this feature.

First Pass: Asteroid Dungeon Nemesis

The Asteroid Dungeon Nemesis is the first-tier dungeon in Relic Hunters Legend. The ADN will be unlocked after you complete the main campaign and it’s going to reset every week. The dungeon will have an Epic difficulty, which has some effects on the rules of the gameplay, such as restricted revivals, bonus damage on enemies, and many others. Each floor in ADN gets harder and with better rewards and if you use a Hunter on one floor, you can’t use it on the next ones, so you need to use your entire party! It also has two types of balance: Regular, designed for two players, and Greater, designed for a full party;

Each time you complete the missions, you’ll be rewarded with the best materials and equipment in the game – there’ll be a chance to drop some unique and ADN exclusive legendary items.

Bug/Feedback tool

We created this tool to make it easier to collect report bugs and feedback from our community. Now, if you press F3, the system is triggered and automatically creates a screenshot. It also has the title tab, priority, and description box to help our team find what the reported problem might be. This visual is a WIP, the final result will be slightly different (and better looking).

The Final Act

The final act of the Relic Hunters Legend story is being developed. We finished the script and the main cutscenes! We believe that we wrapped up the story nicely and we’re pretty happy with how it ends, it’s super emotional and beautiful as it also delivers everything that is expected as you play the game, we are sure you will love it!

New Enemies

In our last update, we said that we’re not done with the new enemies yet, so we kept developing, even more, the variety of foes for you to face in the game. We won’t showcase every single one of them because we want you to have a unique experience when you face them for the first time in the game, but here’s a sneak peek.

Trash Sea Kamis

The Great Trash Sea is an enormous sea of destroyed cities and years of accumulated junk that covers most of the planet — including Semilla City, responsible for depositing large amounts of trash in the sea coming from its uppermost floors. The local fauna adapted to this environment and acquired unique behaviors.

New Ducan Champion

A new Ducan Champion that you’ll face in the Trash Sea! This big-ass guy has been pumping iron every day in this ocean of trash and is ready to take you down at any moment, so be prepared before you face this beast.

New enemy skins

Since we have different environments with different climates and textures it’s only fair that our enemies have skins that match this scenario, so now all the enemies have variations according to the region where they are located.

New Weapons

We’ve implemented new epic and legendary weapons to give you a variety of guns with different playstyles. With so many amazing and extremely stylish weapons, it will be difficult to choose your favorite.

New Cosmetics

We have developed some cosmetic items for the players to buy. They’ll be one of the main sources we’ll have to monetize Relic Hunters Legend, as the game will be Free to Play when it launches, so we are putting a lot of effort into creating the most amazing skins for each hunter while giving players the possibility to have a unique style.

Exploration Game Mode Changes

We’re implementing new mechanics on the Exploration Game Mode such as puzzles and Minibosses that drop unique loots to make this game mode more interesting and fun. Each region will have at least one Exploration site for you to grab some incredible materials and gears for your characters.

Jimmy Animation Remake

We noticed that Jimmy’s Spine animations weren’t working as fluidly as we’d like. So we reformulated his animations to fit better in-game and fixed all of his skins.

Game Mode: Rift

We finished implementing this game mode with all the feedback and systems needed. It will be only available in Act 2, so we’re not going to spoil the new faction and their behaviors that you’ll encounter on Rift. You’ll have to face them for the first time by yourself!

UI Improvements

We implemented new icons and improved our UI. Some icons and other tweaks are still being developed, but we are working hard to improve your overall game experience.


As you already know, developing a game is HARD. With all the new features that we made, a lot of new (and some old) bugs showed up. Our QA team is doing their best to track down all the bugs and find a solution to fix them. Some bugs that we have already tracked and fixed these months are:

● Precision in the new aiming algorithm.
● Visual bugs, especially when some skins or assets disappear in-game.
● AI Fix – adjusted their behaviors in all the game modes.
● Stabilization of Asteroid Dungeon Nemesis features for first-pass delivery.
● Enemy spawner editor: We fixed some performance, random area selection, batch selection issues, and overlapping areas.
● Minimap teleport icon working properly after teleport round mode.
● Distraction: Enemies weren’t getting eliminated when time ran out.
● Skirmish and Scavenge: Penalty Announcement appeared on normal difficulty.
● Revive area appears during drop-in around a character that is not dead.
● The ammo Box minimap icon did not appear after the second level.
● Payload cart walked alone after the second level
● After playing the first round of a Skirmish or Payload Game Mode, the Fog of war stopped working.
● Debuff fix.
● Delve: Boss Portal appears only after the fight is over; Boss health UI now disappears after changing levels; edge-tracking was wrong the first time we entered the round; beacon now has a minimap icon.
● Distraction: Megaphone icon rotated wrong; enemy threw everyone away.

That’s it for today, there’s a lot of news to come and we’ll keep you updated on all of our channels. Join our Discord channel to share your thoughts on everything we shared today and spend some quality time with our amazing community!

Cheers ~